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Portable CNC flame plasma cutting machine



Product parameter

TitlePortable NC Flame Plasma cutting Machine
cutting range (x * y) mm1500*25001500*30001500*3500
custom information Guideway length (effective cutting length Y axis) can be lengthened according to user requirements
shape size2050*3000*6002050*3500*6002050*4000*600
Number of sleeps2 pcs2 pcs2 pcs
input voltage Single-phase AC 220V
Input powerAbout 350W
Cutting typePlasma cutting (need matching plasma power supply) Flame cutting can be replaced by use
Driving typeGear rack drive
Motor type57 series stepping motor
Running speed0-3000mm/ minutes (maximum 4000mm/ minutes)
Cutting torch lift stroke≤90mm
Operation precision±0.2mm/m
Flame Cutting CapacityPiercing capacity: 5-60mm Edge  start cutting: 5-120mm
 Plasma Cutting CapacityDepends on the plasma source's cutting capacity   
Fire Cutting Automatic Ignition DeviceNot optional
Gas supply requirementsThe maximum acetylene pressure or propane pressure does not exceed the 0.1Mpa
 Oxygen  supply requirementsOxygen pressure maximum does not exceed the 0.7Mpa
Cutting tableManufacturer provides drawings, the user makes their own drawings

Cutting Figure
Industry Application

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