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CNC circular tube cutting machine



Product parameter

TitleCNC circular tube cutting machine
Type of Chuck motor86 Series 120 Stepping Motor+Planetary reducerPanasonic servo motor+Planetary reducer
Input VoltageSingle-phase AC 220VSingle-phase AC 220V
Cut pipe lengthCustomized according to requirementsCustomized according to requirements
Input PowerAbout 800WAbout1000W
Disk SizeΦ250mmΦ250mm +Connection plateΦ250mmΦ250mm +Connection plate
Tube diameterΦ50~Φ260mmΦ50~Φ500mmΦ50~Φ260mmΦ50~Φ500mm
Maximum pipe weight≤250kg≤1000kg
Custom informationIf you have other requirements of size, weight and pipe, please contact our sales staff. We will provide you with a more comprehensive customized program
Type of cuttingPlasma cutting (need matching plasma power supply) Flame cutting can be replaced by use
Slow down ratio1:21(There may be changes)1:20(There may be changes)
Rated rotation speed0-10rpm(Adjustable to actual needs)0-15rpm(Adjustable to actual needs)
Tube ellipticity≤2%
Number of pipeline supportsSubject to availability
CNC control axis number3 axes two linkage
Cutting torch lift stroke

Operation precision±0.2mm/m
Flame Cutting CapacityPiercing capacity: 5-60mm Edge  start cutting: 5-120mm  
Plasma Cutting CapacityDepends on the plasma source's cutting capacity 
Plasma arc upoptional 
Gas supply requirementsThe maximum acetylene pressure or propane pressure does not exceed the 0.1Mpa 
Oxygen  supply requirementsOxygen pressure maximum does not exceed the 0.7Mpa
Cutting tableProvide split design pipe cutting support frame and fixture

Cutting Figure
Industry Application

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