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Gantry CNC plasma flame cutting machine



Product parameter

TitleGantry cutting machine
Model SpecificationsNC-3000NC-3500NC-4000
Input powerAC 220V±10%  50-60Hz  2.0KW, Plasma 380V
Cutting typePlasma cutting(with plasma power supply)/Flame cutting/Plasma cutting+Flame cutting
CNC spanmm 300035004000
CNC lengthmm 100001000010000
Longmen transverse longitudinal length can be increased or shortened according to user requirements
Effective cutting rangemm2200*85002700*85003200*8500
Lifting height of cutting torchmm200
 Cutting torch and quantity Plasma 1 set、flame 1 setPlasma 1 set、flame 1 setPlasma 1 set、flame 1 set
Number of moving bodies2 sets of the standard(May increase or decrease according to the user's request)
Plate cutting thickness                Depending on plasma power、flame6-250 mm
Idle speed 0—10000mm/min 
Cutting speed 20—8000mm/min   
Driving typeBilateral drivers (Gear rack drive)
Type of motorStandard 86 series stepping motor + reducer(optional servo motor)
CNC systemShanghai Jiaotong University,Display screen 10-inch industrial control screen
Other Configuration Lifting pipeline tow chain,Tool set 1
Gas Supply RequirementsThe maximum acetylene pressure or propane pressure does not exceed the 0.1Mpa(Select flame cutting method to need)
Oxygen Supply RequirementsOxygen pressure maximum does not exceed the 0.8Mpa(Select flame cutting method to need)
Upgrade TypeFlame Capacitance Elevation: Optional/Plasma Arc Voltage Elevation: Optional
A moving body can only support one way of raising.(If plasma arc voltage is adjusted high, the flame capacitor should not be adjusted high)
Packaging softwareStandard allocation:FASTCAM  The standard version    /or  SMARTCUT  Software is a set of
Machine Tool Bare Size3800*1500*14004300*1500*14004800*1500*1400
Guide rail foundation、Cutting rack  Manufacturer provides drawings, the user makes their own drawings

Cutting Figure
Industry Application

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